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Apitherapy Information - aka Bee Venom Therapy (BVT)
     Many people are finding relief from and help with a variety of health issues from which they have found no other relief. Such as Arthritis, MS, Migraines, Lyme Disease just to name a few.
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Please note, these are not paid advertisements. These links (open pages in a new window) are to a variety of information from sources that are available, useful and inspiring. Feel free to share with anyone interested in Apitherapy. This list is a work in progress.

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Apitherapy, aka Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) is an age old practice that may not get the recognition it deserves in many of today’s modern "western medical" circles. As a beekeeper and naturalist, this practice is something that is very intriguing to me for many reasons.

There is a very long list of illnesses and conditions that are being treated successfully using BVT. Many patients with chronic conditions, such as Arthritis, have been using bee venom to get relief (for many years) from not only the pain associated with the conditions, but also restored use to the affected muscles and joints. Some of the more recent discoveries of conditions being treated with great results using BVT are MS and other Lyme Disease related issues. These are just to name a few, the list, as stated, is very long and the results being realized are amazing.

In an interview / Q & A session with Mrs. Amber Rose, author of two books on the subject of BVT, Mrs. Rose talked about how in her experience of over twenty-two years in treating over 55,000 people (and several animals) with BVT, she has seen some fascinating results. She stated that she has yet to see a chronic condition that was not helped and many cured using BVT. In fact, Mrs. Rose recently released her second book on the subject, Pioneers: Healing Lyme With Bee Venom Therapy where she dissus the many issues that Apitherapy helps many Lyme patients.

In an interview with Nora I watched in amazement as she gave herself treatment directly into the vein to get the venom directly into her blood system. It should be pointed out that, at the time of the first interview, Nora has been using bee venom for over 10 years and did not start out mainlining the venom. Nora's BVT treatment started in Mexico over 13 years prior, but after moving to Texas and not having access to a hive for about 3 years, in the video Nora finally able to get some much needed relief and playing a little catch-up. She explains that she is treating herself to take care of several health issues and that she now is treating secondary issues brought on by the medications she has been on over the last few years. Here methods may seem extreme, but she is treating extreme issues - with success!

Bee Venom Therapy - The Charlie Mraz Story
- Video by Brad Weeks MD
An interview with Charlie Mraz from 1993

The "Grandfather" of BVT shares his story

Amber Rose has been working with BVT for many years and has written two books and hosts many radio and podcast shows on the subject. Visit her websites www.lyme-beevenom.com and foreveramberrose.com for more information.

BVT with Nora
- Video by GD Rankin

Nora Discussing her BVT
This is about a family that recently contacted me to obtain a colony of bees for their own BVT use. I received a call from a friend of a friend asking if there were any bees available for sale. The voice on the phone sounded fairly urgent and with good reason. The lady said her mother, Nora, suffered from a variety of conditions and ...more...

Bee Sting Therapy with Nancy
- Video by Tim Hayes

An interview with Nancy - BVT Self-stinging for Lyme disease.

Healing my Lyme disease with bees
- Video by Tim Hayes

A very inspiring interview with Nancy - Bee Venom Therapy and Late-stage neuro-Lyme disease.
Here Nancy shows and tells about her pervious ineffective treatment methods the western medical world had to offer and how she has made the switch to BVT with success.

Michael Palmer - Importance of Getting Stung
- Video by Parks Talley

Michael Palmer explains why bee keepers and their family members need to get stung by a bee approximately once a month and how this helps reduce the chances of having an Anaphylaxis reaction to a bee sting. Filmed September 4, 2013 at French Hill Apiaries in St. Albans, VT.

The Kristina Stephenson Video Series

Kristina is documenting her progress in the battle with Lyme. She is currently using BVT with positive results.
"For those of you who want to see my videos you can click here." such as:
Coloring Outside The Lines [Trailer]
A documentary on Lyme Disease and a Woman's battle to beat it naturally while trying to save her life before it's too late.
Self Stinging for Bee Venom Therapy for Lyme Video
Published on Aug 21, 2015 by Jennifer Lanett

I demonstrate stinging my mid to lower back for my Lyme disease. I credit my full length mirror as the best help in doing self stings. I leave the Stingers in for 20 min. before removing them. I am using Honey Bees.
In addition to the above links, there are several Facebook groups (links below) dedicated to BVT and several thousand members in these groups discussing their personal journeys with one another every day. There have been numerous documented studies done abroad and some doctors here in the stated will admit they are onboard with BVT, but not allowed by law at this time to prescribe the treatment.

Some of these Facebook Groups are "closed", but they welcome members with like interests.

Healing Lyme With Bee Venom

The Bee Venom Miracle for Lyme Disease

Pioneers: Healing Lyme With Bee Venom Therapy

Bee Venom Therapy for Lyme Disease USA

Apitherapy to treat Lyme & Co-infections Eugene OR

BVT Trading Post for Lyme BVT Protocol

BEES FOR LIFE - World Apitherapy Network/Red Mundial de Apiterapia

Apitherapy to treat Arthritis

Apitherapy to treat Horses

Apitherapy to treat Dogs

Disclaimer: We advise everyone to always check with you medical doctors before starting, stopping or altering any type of medical treatment.

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