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Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) - with Nora
     Video from 09/29/2015
A family contacted us to obtain a colony of bees for their own BVT use. The lady said her mother, Nora, suffered from a variety of conditions and that BVT was the only thing that she had found to get any true relief from her pain and discomforts. She reported that her father had once kept bees and that he is knowledgeable about bees and understands them very well. Even though it was not the time of year we normally like to get someone started with beekeeping, this was obviously not a normal request.
The video is a brief and informal interview with Nora, the wife of the beekeeper and mother of the lady that originally contacted me looking for some bees. Forgive the quality of the video, as it was taken with simply a smart phone when I delivered the bees to the family’s residence. Nora and her family made a trip out to our bee yard the previous day, where after inspecting the hive, she promptly gave herself eight stings. I was more than astonished to see her administer the stings because she never even flinched when the liquid fire entered her tinder flesh. I could tell immediately that she was no beginner to BVT and as you will hear in her voice, she received relief almost instantly.

Please understand that Nora’s protocol is based on her experience and not something everyone will agree on or adhere to, for obvious reasons. She takes her stings based on her individual needs and the conditions which she is treating. So, as they say, Kids, don’t try this at home – at least not until you have done your homework on this subject.

Enjoy the video and be aware that if you are new to BVT or considering starting, it is advisable for beginners to never sting a vein, nor directly over the heart.

PS. Thank you Nora for the insightful interview and permission to share your story with others.

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