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Please Note: Beekeeping Supplies are by Appointment / Local Pickup Only
We are located about a half hour southwest of downtown San Antonio just outside of Somerset, TX.

Protective Clothing and Tools

Protect yourself and prepare to work your bees safely and enjoyably

* Veils, Suits & Jackets * GlovesTools & Accessories * Feeders *


Starter Kit $175

Vented Jacket With Veil,
(see size chart below)
Pro-Grade Goatskin Gloves,
7" Pro Smoker,
and a 9" Hive Tool
Shop for additional supplies here

Chose from
S, M, L, XL or XXL


Honey Bees & Hive Supplies

From a Nuc of Bees or Queens (seasonal) to Hives and Complete Kits

* Honey Bees For Sale * Bee Hive Kits and Parts *

Apiary Starter Kits

Honey Maker Deluxe Combo Kits
- Complete Kits with Bees, Equipment & Class

Everything you need to get started beekeeping in one package

You build the kit by using the "Add to Cart" buttons, starting with the hive and tool combo set, then adding the personal protection gear you would like. Then add additional hives if needed. Click here to get started Apiary Starter Kits

Shipping Options: All Beekeeping Supplies and Products - Local Pick Up Only (at this time) Except Special Orders

Shipping or delivery arrangements may be made with minimum orders and certain products.


South Central Texas' Source for Mann Lake Products

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