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Please Note: Beekeeping Supplies are by Appointment / Local Pickup Only

Shipping or delivery arrangements may be made with minimum orders and certain products.

Complete Honey Bee Hive Kits

Single Deep Hive Set
One 9 5/8" Deep Hive Body Kit
Honey Super Deluxe Set
9 5/8" Deep & 6 5/8" Honey Super Kit
Double Deep Hive Set
Two 9 5/8" Deep Hive Bodies Kit
Painted Boxes w Frames
Extra Boxes
Painted with Frames

Bee Hive Components - Sold Separately

Top Covers Bottom Boards Hive Boxes Wood Frames with
Waxed Rite-Cell Foundation

For protection from the elements, our fully assembled Complete Hive Kits and Components come primed and painted with exterior paint. Many basic colors to chose from or custom colors available for an additional fee.

Painted Basic White Building/Stacking a Beehive

Please note: The above image is for reference only. Actual paint colors may vary slightly.  Custom colors and larger order discounts may be available by special request.
Feel free to call or Contact Us via e-mail to let us know what items you are interested in and how many of each. We will contact you to discuss the expected time to process your order and how to make a deposit if needed (based on the size of the order). We accept PayPal as well as cash and pre-approved checks.

Most items and parts are in stock. However, during the heavy season, some may be limited. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery on all large orders. Please check before placing an order if time is of the essence. All orders are subject to the availability of raw materials. All prices are subject to change without notice.

• Hive Kits • Feeders • Gloves • Tools & Accessories • Veils & Hats • Vented Suits & Jackets •

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