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Honey Bees For Sale - Status

2017 Bees, Nucs and Queens -
Sold Out - Until further notice
Feel free to check back after Sept. 1st, more may be available.

Spring 2018 Waiting List - Now Open - Taking Orders for April 2018 Pickup

Honey Bees and Supplies are normally available for pick up on weekends. We often offer a Beekeeping Basics group class the day of pickup. Unless otherwise directed, the pickup location will be at our main bee farm which is in Somerset Texas, approximately a half hour southwest of San Antonio.

Bees For Sale - Local Pickup Only, San Antonio, Texas Area
     The honey bees we offer are of a gentle nature and top quality genetics. Depending on the season and what we have in stock, we typically offer options from a starter nucleus ("nuc") to full colonies in either 10 frame singles or double deeps. We also provide the basic information and instructions needed to get started in beekeeping. Please Note: Beekeeping Supplies and Bees are Local Pickup and by Appointment Only - We are a bee farm and work our bees at more than one location. We do not have a store for "walk in shopping", therefore all equipment and bee pickups are on scheduled pickup dates or by appointment only. Thanks for understanding.

Download and Print our Bee Health Certificate here (pdf format) Note the mailing address on the health certificate is not the address of our bee farm.

Honey Bees - available with these options:
We offer Italian Bees in Langstroth Style bee hives, Hive Sets with Bees or a Nuc of Bees ready to install in your hive.
Our standard Apiary Starter Kits come with Bees, Hives and Basic Tools. You then select the protective gear of your choice.
Also available, the "Beekeeping Basics" group classes - discounted with purchase of bees.

What is a Nuc? Nuc is short for Nucleus, which is basically a starter colony of bees that is most commonly sold on deep frames that fit into a Langstroth style deep hive body aka brood chamber.
Nuc of Bees - Italian Bees - Installed in a Temporary Transport Box  
     A very popular starter option. The bees come in a sturdy "leak proof" transport box to be installed into a deep hive body, typically within a few days. Five standard deep frames of bees including a young mated and laying queen bee, brood (eggs and larvae in multiple stages) with nurse or "house bees", pollen, nectar, and honey with worker or "field bees" and a little space to grow.
Order a Nuc of Bees here


Hive Sets with Bees - Italian Bees - Installed in a Complete Hive
     This is our most popular starter setup. These are the industry standard bee hive sets with the bees already installed in a deep hive body with a deluxe top and bottom secured and ready for transport. These are offered in 3 different formats with a Nuc of bees installed. The following formats all come with 5 frames of bees and 5 blank frames for the bees to grow into.

Select from 3 Complete Hive options here

Apiary Starter Kits - Italian Bees - with Hive and Tools
  • Standard: A Set of Bees with Mated Queen, Complete Assembled Bee Hive (see below for details), Feeder, Excluder, Hive Tool, Smoker, and a Bee Brush
  • Optional:
    • Beekeeping Basics Group Class
    • Personal Protective Gear

Order an Apiary Starter Kit here

These sample images are for display only and are not the actual bees for sale. Click for larger images.

Queen with Green Mark Deep Frame of Bees Brood w/Nurse Bees Frame of Capped Honey
Capped Brood Brood, Nectar & Pollen 5 Frame Nuc - After Installation Mixed Frame

Queen Bees - Call or email for price and availability - Local Pick Up Only
     When starting out keeping bees, the most gentle bees are recommended. Italians are the most common, but not the only gentle bees around. The Italians lines are very popular in part because they consistently produce better than average honey yields and winter well in our area.

Cancellation, Refund and Return Policy:
Since we must make all necessary arrangements and commitments to secure everything needed to fill orders, from equipment to bees to queens etc., all cancellations for refunds must be requested within seven days from the time the order is placed.
Returns for bees: Since bees are livestock and are subject to diseases, pesticides, temperatures and other factors that effect their health, and we have no control over the conditions the bees are subjected to once they leave our yards, we require a notice within 24 hours if there is any health issues with the bees.
Returns for equipment and gear: If there is any issue with any equipment or gear, please let us know within seven days of the receipt of the product and we will arrange for an exchange.

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