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Tools & Accessories

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Please Note: Beekeeping Supplies are by Appointment / Local Pickup Only

We are located about a half hour southwest of downtown San Antonio just outside of Somerset, TX.

However, we do not have a store for "walk in shopping" at this time. Since we are a bee farming operation and work our bees at multiple locations, we take orders via the website and arrange for pickup on scheduled pickup dates.

Smokers, Vaporizers, Hive Tools and Other Accessories

Pro-Bellow Smokers

Our Pro-Bellow is a heavy-duty, professional grade smoker bellow that will stand up to years of use! It features a high temperature valve and replaceable bellow skin. With improved airflow and easier pumping, our Pro-Bellow smokes the competition! Color may vary.
HD-555 4" x 7" With Guard/Pro-Bellow $40

HD-540 4" x 10" With Guard/Pro-Bellow $45

Pro-Bellow Smokers
From $40 each

Pro Smoker Options

These Smokers are the highest quality smokers available on the market! We redesigned our smokers from top to bottom with a high strength opening tab, stronger bellow bracket, rust free welded bottom panels, and a commercial grade hinge. Stainless steel construction is complemented by our top quality bellows. These Smokers are perfect for hobbyists and pros alike! All smokers are 4" in diameter. Bellow color may vary.

Supplies are Local Pickup Only

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

The vaporization of Oxalic Acid kills greater than 95% of the phoretic varroa mites (mites on the bees) but it will not kill mites in the brood so it is best to treat when there is little to no brood in your hive, usually late fall or early winter. If you need to treat in the summer months you must 3 successive treatments to vaporize the mites that are emerging from the brood cells. Vaporized Oxalic Acid has also been proven to kill tracheal mites.

The beauty of vaporization is that there is no need to open the hive to treat. No strips or pads to install then remove. Simple, easy and effective. Oxalic acid sold separately. Requires a 12 volt battery for operation and safety equipment such as a respirator and safety glasses.

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer treatment for mites uses 2 grams of OA measuring spoon included. Insert into entrance of hive seal entrance with cloth and attach copper clamps to battery for 2 minutes with a fully charged 12 volt car or deep cycle battery. Remove vaporizer and leave hive sealed for 10 additional minutes remove cloth.

DC-908 Vaporizer and disposable mask $125.00

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer
$125 each

Bee Brush

The Bee Brush gently removes bees from frames, supers and clothing. Its long, soft, flexible bristles will not injure or crush the bees. A must-have when inspecting hives or harvesting!
HD-660 Bee Brush $5

Bee Brush
$5 each

Hive Tools
HD-570 7" Hive Tool $7

HD-584 9" Hive Tool $5

Hive Tools
From $5 each

Hive Tool Options

Queen Excluders

Eliminate the risk of losing your queen or having to contend with brood in your supers during extracting time by using a Queen Excluder. When there is brood in the supers it is nearly impossible to eliminate bees from the combs using a bee escape. Using an excluder will keep the brood and the queen where they belong.

Queen Excluders

Our Plastic Queen Excluders are an inexpensive alternative to the metal excluders and can be cut down to fit 8 frame boxes and 5 frame nucs.

HD-120 10 Frame Metal Excluder $ 10
HD-125 10 Frame Plastic Excluder $ 5

Excluders From $5 each


Standard Frame Grip

A great addition to your beekeeping tool box! Frame grips can get between the frames when your fingers just won't fit.
HD-630 Standard Frame Grip $15

Standard Frame Grip
$15 each

Stainless Steel Frame Perch

If you have ever knocked over a frame propped against the hive, you know why you need this. The frame perch fits snugly over the edge of the hive body to conveniently and securely hold your frames during a routine inspection. It holds three frames, giving you plenty of room in the hive to manipulate frames. Not only will you love it, but your bees will love it too! Stainless steel construction.
HD-650 Frame Perch $25

Stainless Steel Frame Perch
$25 each

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Beekeeping Supplies and Products Are Local Pick Up Only (at this time) Except Special Orders

Shipping or delivery arrangements may be made with minimum orders and certain products.

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