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Please Note: Beekeeping Supplies are by Appointment / Local Pickup Only

Shipping or delivery arrangements may be made with minimum orders and certain products.

Hive Feeder Options Below (Shipping Not Available)

Pro Feeders Features

  • Stronger - The wood cap system and the inside wall supports add to the unparalleled structural integrity of the feeder.
  • experience minimal drowning.
  • Easy To Clean - This is the only feeder available where the entire cap and ladder system is easily removed for cleaning.
  • No Burr Comb To Clean - Sealed feeding tubes prevent the bees from making burr comb in the feeder and keeps the queen from laying brood inside.
  • Textured Interior Walls - Textured interior walls for those who wish to use the feeder without the cap and ladder system.
  • Pro Feeder Max Pro Feeder - Larger Size Saves You Time & Money
  • Revolutionary Cap & Ladder System - Sealed feeding tubes ensure the bees are confined to the feeding area so you will Exclusive Design - The wood cap and ladder system attaches securely to the feeder with our exclusive cap bands so there is no need to remove your feeders for the trip!
  • Max Pro Feeder holds close to 2 gallons and the Pro Feeders hold 1 gallon or 1 gallons, saving you time and fuel with fewer trips to the bee yard.


Holds 1 gallon
Ear measures 2"
Fits snug using 9 new frames


Holds 1" gallons
Ear measures 2"
Fits with a " gap using 8 new frames

Holds 2 gallons
Ear measures 3"
Fits with a ⅜" gap using 8 new frames

Pro-Feeders are Division Board Feeders

Internal feeders reduce robbing activity in the bee yard. These are for use in a 9⅝" deep
box. See below for a 6⅝" frame feeder.

FD-800 Pro Feeder Only $5.95
FD-805 Pro Feeder w/ Cap & Ladder $7.95
FD-820  Pro Feeder Only $6.95
FD-525  Pro Feeder w/ Cap & Ladder $8.95
FD-840  Pro Feeder Only $7.49
FD-454  Pro Feeder w/ Cap & Ladder $9.49

From $5.95 each

Pro Feeder Options

Medium 6⅝ - Super Frame Feeders

Holds over a gallon of syrup
Takes the place of two frames
Smooth walls make a float necessary for proper use

FD-107 6⅝" Feeder $5.95 (Cap & Ladder not available for this size)

Super Frame Feeder
$5.95 each

10 Frame Size Top Feeders Features

The Top Feeder Super comes completely assembled and ready to use. Featuring a galvanized steel safety screen to prevent drowning of bees, this feeder is constructed of a single piece of heavy-duty plastic to provide a no-leak reservoir! There is no comparison to the strength and durability this feeder provides over foam top feeders.

  • Fill the feeder without opening the hive
  • 10 Frame Holds up to 4 gallons
  • 8 Frame Holds up to 3.2 gallons (special order)
  • One piece construction prevents leaking





10 Frame Top Feeders

Bees enter the feeder through openings under the screen and are kept from the reservoir by the screen.
FD-609 Feeder Insert Only*  $16.95
FD-610 Feeder With Super  $23.95
FD-611 Feeder With Super Painted  $28.95

*Some assembly required on FD-609 Top Feeder Insert. Screen and hardware included

Top Feeders
From $16.95 each

Top Feeder Options
Color - If other than White

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Beekeeping Supplies and Products Are Local Pick Up Only (at this time) Except Special Orders

Shipping or delivery arrangements may be made with minimum orders and certain products.

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