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Ordering Bees

The process for ordering honey bees from us is described below.
Please read this entire section before placing an order. By placing an order for bees, you are acknowledging and agreeing to this process.
* This is an evolving process that we have found works best for everyone - mainly the bees.

1. Select the format, the genetics and pickup date / location that will best suit your needs and schedule. We offer multiple format options from starter sets to nucs to full hives as well as different genetics (when available). Please visit Honey Bees For Sale and Types of Bees pages for details.

2. Using the item's "Add to Cart" button to select the format(s), type(s) and pickup dates/location of your choice. Please include the email address you wish for us to use to contact you to schedule your appointment for picking up your order. You will have the option to increase the number of each item on the shopping cart page. You will also have the option to "continue shopping" after adding an item to your cart.

3. Pay for your order using your choice of either a.) PayPal account balance, or b.) any major credit card (if you do not have or do not wish to use a PayPal balance). Since all of our website payments go through the highly secure PayPal system, you will receive an email receipt for your order with the details of your order. Please check your receipt for accuracy and to make sure your payment covered everything you intend to purchase. For security reasons, we never see your personal information or card number. We will contact you via the email address you provide if we have any questions.

4. The Monday prior to your pickup date, Tammy, our bee pickup coordinator will send an email to the address you physically type in when you place the order. Please make sure to provide the email address you want us to use. The email Tammy will send will be from the address tammy at thebeeplace.com (using the actual email address @ format). The message is to provide the basic pickup information and to schedule an appointment time. If you do not receive your appointment email by the prior Monday, please check you spam or junk mail folder. If you still do not have a message from Tammy, please email her on Tuesday at the address above to schedule your appointment time slot.

5. Please wait for Tammy to contact you to schedule an appointment time slot on the pickup date. We schedule hourly appointment "time slots" in order to minimize the wait time when you arrive to pickup your order. Responding to this email request within 48 hours will allow us ample time to complete and prepare your order and have it ready when you arrive. If we do not get a reply within 48 hours, we may need to reschedule your order pickup for a later date. This is due to multiple factors during the spring peak season, such as resource availability and weather conditions.

Please note: If you are not a seasoned beekeeper and have multiple questions about taking care of your bees, please order and plan to attend the Beekeeping Class the morning of your scheduled pickup date. While we love to talk about bees and we realize new beekeepers have a lot of questions, we also realize the question and answer sessions can get lengthy and cause delays in loading orders for other customers. Therefore, we offering a discount to our already low priced Beekeeping Basics group class where all of your questions can be answered as well as getting some hands on experience over an active hive. We also invite you to visit the Honey Bee Educational Information & Resources page for basic information and links to videos and downloads you will find helpful when starting down the path of keeping bees.

Also note: We also offer Beekeeping Supplies, that we can have ready when you pick up your bees - as long as you order the supplies when you order your bees. Keep in mind that spring in beekeeping circles is like Christmas at the mall. Ordering several months in advance is advisable. Many items are sold out and/or backordered during peak seasons. Waiting to order will result in waiting to pickup your order.


Click Here for a sample of the email you will receive the Monday before your scheduled pickup date:

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