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Hive Sets

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Ready to set on your hive stand and release the bees in your yard

Order a hive and bees in one easy set and save! Scroll down for details.

Complete Bee Hive Sets - with or without Bees

Single Deep Hive Set
One 9 5/8" Deep Hive Body Kit
Deep w/Medium Super Set
9 5/8" Deep & 6 5/8" Honey Super Kit
Double Deep Hive Set
Two 9 5/8" Deep Hive Bodies Kit
Painted Boxes w Frames
Extra Complete Boxes
Hive Only No Bees - $160 Hive Only No Bees - $225 Hive Only No Bees - $235 6 5/8 Medium - $70
Hive with Texan Bees - $420 Hive with Texan Bees - $485 Hive with Texan Bees - $495 9 5/8 Deep - $80
Hive with Italian Bees - $420 Hive with Italian Bees - $485 Hive with Italian Bees - $495 Additional Supplies
Hive with Carniolan Bees - $420 Hive with Carniolan Bees - $485 Hive with Carniolan Bees - $495  

Visit the Types of Bees page for more information

These deluxe hive starter setups offer immediate honey bee farming solutions.

The hives are made with commercial grade white pine and every box is nailed or stapled and glued for added strength and stability. The sets come complete with assembled and painted Hive Bodies, assembled Wood Frames (10 per box) with Waxed Rite-Cell Foundation. You will also receive an assembled Telescoping Top Cover, Inner Cover, Screened Bottom Board and Entrance Reducer.

All parts are fully assembled and are primed and painted with high quality exterior latex paint for protection from the elements.

All orders are subject to the availability of raw materials. All prices are subject to change without notice.
All Hives, Bees, Parts and Supplies are Local Pick Up Only and are not available for shipping, unless otherwise noted or arrangements are made prior to payment.

• Single Deep Hive Set • Honey Super Deluxe Set • Double Deep Hive Set •

• Apiary Starter Kits • Nuc of Bees • Hive Sets • Queen Bees • Beekeeping Class • Types of Bees • Pickup Information •

• Honey Bees For Sale • Beekeeping Supplies • Ag Exemption • Pollination • Educational • About Us • Contact Us •

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