Single Deep Hive Set
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The Single Deep - Bee Hive Setup


Honey Bees For Sale - Status

2017 Bees, Nucs and Queens -
Sold Out - Until further notice
Feel free to check back after Sept. 1st, more may be available.

Spring 2018 Waiting List - Now Open - Taking Orders for April 2018 Pickup

Honey Bees and Supplies are normally available for pick up on weekends. We often offer a Beekeeping Basics group class the day of pickup. Unless otherwise directed, the pickup location will be at our main bee farm which is in Somerset Texas, approximately a half hour southwest of San Antonio.

Each set comes complete with the following:

1 - Nuc of Bees with a mated VSH Italian Queen installed in the following setup.
1 - Telescoping Top Cover
1 - Inner Cover (not showing)
1 - 9 5/8" Deep Brood Body & Frames
1 - Screened Bottom Board w/Varroa Drawer
1 - Entrance Reducer

10 Frame Traditional Complete Hive Kit with 1 Deep Hive Body
Hive Only - $160 (without bees)
Hive with a Nuc of Bees Installed -
Hive with a Nuc of Bees and 1 Adult in the group class -

All Hives, Bees, Parts and Supplies are - Local Pick Up Only - unless otherwise noted or arrangements are made prior to payment.

Hive with or without Bees
Primary EMail Address
Primary Phone Number
Need Lessons? Add our Honeybees 101 Group Class for only $50

This deluxe hive starter set up is the basic brood box and does not offer additional honey storage space. An additional deep or honey super should be added for honey storage over this deep brood chamber once the colony becomes established.

These are made with commercial grade white pine and every box is hand crafted for strength and stability. This Single Deep Deluxe Set comes complete with one 9 5/8" Deep Brood Body, 10 assembled Wood Frames (inside the box) with Waxed Rite-Cell Foundation. You will also receive an assembled Top Cover with Inner Cover, Screened Bottom Board and Entrance Reducer.

All parts are fully assembled and ready to use with bees. The exterior of the boxes are primed and painted with high quality exterior latex house paint for protection from the elements. Custom colors available.

Most items and parts are in stock. However, during the heavy season, some may be limited. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery on all large orders. Please check before placing an order if time is of the essence. All orders are subject to the availability of raw materials. All prices are subject to change without notice.

• Single Deep Hive Set • Honey Super Deluxe Set • Double Deep Hive Set •

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